WhiteSwan Foundation

Project Details

White Swan Foundation is a non-profit organization that focuses on spreading awareness about mental health and offers knowledge services for improving mental health. They assist patients, victims and caretakers with the right knowledge, to help them deal with their personal battles in the best way possible. They work hand in hand with experts across the world to provide the absolute best in terms of knowledge in mental health.

The Process

Our first look at the White Swan Foundation’s website told us that they had rather low engagement rates for their articles. While they managed to bring in a total of 30k visitors to the website every month, they also had a fairly high bounce rate of 84%.

We tackled the issues of low traffic and high bounce rates with a three-pronged strategy: organic optimization, optimizing paid campaigns and UX enhancement.

UX Enhancement

We conducted some investigation on what visitors to the website were looking for. We discovered that the topic categories that users were interested in was not very easily navigable through keywords. Some of the categories most searched for included anxiety, depression and OCD. We also learnt that 80% of the users that visited the website were using mobile devices. This prompted us to ensure that the website was mobile-responsive, well laid out and embedded with quick links to the categories mentioned above.

We designed a version of the main screen with a bottomless scroll design that many modern social media sites use, as shown above.

As seen below, the menu was also redesigned based on an analysis of what users were searching for the most. User preferences were analyzed using Google Analytics.

Engagement Strategy

Our strategy to significantly lower bounce rates ( by over 30%) involved the following steps and methods:

  1. Understanding the demography of the user using Google Analytics. This, in turn, helped us create better-targeted ads.

  2. Ensuring that the landing pages were relevant to the user’s search.

  3. Embedding negative keywords in the campaigns to reduce irrelevant searches.

We then proceeded to help White Swan Foundation optimize their articles organically. This was done by ensuring that the articles’ title tags were relevant to the topic and included keywords that were being searched for. Using heading tags, alt tags and meta tags the right way helped us ensure that search terms were matched correctly. This would help bring in the right kind of traffic to the website.

Lastly, we shared their articles on high domain authority websites which created backlinks for them, thus bringing in more traffic. These techniques helped us double White Swan Foundation’s traffic to 60k visitors in a couple of months. Here’s a snapshot.

Web Statistics