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Have you ever come across a website that looked ungainly and hard to read on your mobile device? If you have, then you just might have visited a non-responsive website. Non-responsive websites are sites that are designed solely for viewing on a desktop computer. Such web-pages make no distinction based on the device they are being accessed from, leading to a poor browsing experience across all mobile devices.

Why do you need a responsive design?

Considering that much of today’s web traffic comes from mobile devices (or non-traditional sources), non-responsive web pages are a rudiment of the past. Mobile users visiting a non-responsive web page have to put up with zooming in and out, and often scrolling sideways to read long sentences. With progressively shortening attention spans, viewers are unlikely to endure such a cumbersome browsing experience.

How does one recognize a responsive website?

One of the easiest ways to recognize a responsive webpage is to resize the window it is being viewed in (works well on computers). When resized, a responsive webpage will also resize all the content (including text, images, and any other inserts) to fit the window. On mobile devices, responsive web pages fit the width of the device (whatever the resolution maybe), automatically giving the viewer the best fit.

Responsive websites are a recent phenomenon

Up until a few years ago, many major web businesses did not have responsive websites. Some of these businesses that did not have responsive websites included online shopping sites (like Amazon, for example) and phone manufacturers’ websites (even Apple!) themselves. The list is quite shocking but true. The reason for this was that many such businesses had (at that point) just invested in creating mobile apps and possibly did not see the need to develop a responsive website alongside their already functioning mobile app.

With changing times, many such businesses have switched over to responsive websites. Today, any online business worth its salt will most likely have a responsive website. This is reflective of the changes seen in the sources of web traffic globally.

While computers with operating systems such as Windows or Mac OS took a lion’s share in global web traffic just a decade ago, today such sources are relegated to being a footnote in the context of global internet usage.

Benefits of going responsive

Since most traffic comes from mobile sources, a responsive site is very likely to hold the visitors’ attention and also encourage them to explore your website. A responsive website also allows the visitor to experience the site as the owner/designer intended it to be without having to go through the hassles of zooming, scrolling and putting up with a bad user experience. A responsive website, therefore, provides something that all online business owners are looking for - user interaction.

A responsive website also helps bring down negative impressions. Bounce rates for a non-responsive website are significantly higher than those for responsive websites, as compared within the same sphere/domain. There is a great chance of visitors rejecting the poor user experience of a non-responsive web page and moving on to something else, even in cases where the content/material that they are looking for is available somewhere on the website. A responsive website will, on the other hand, most likely hold a visitor’s attention until they have made up their mind on either staying or leaving.

Other advantages of having a responsive website include - being indexed in mobile searches, a better rating by google because your website is better to view on mobile devices and faster indexing in search engines.

If you are an online business owner and are interested in switching to a responsive web design, get in touch with us here. Unifocus Global has helped hundreds of business owners and websites to make the switch to a responsive website and reap the benefits of increased sales and higher customer conversion.


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