UX Analysis

We analyze the existing UI to see what needs to be enhanced for better user experience. We use tools like Google Analytics and Heatmaps to help us understand how visitors interact with the website. This helps us redesign the UX in such a way that it enhances engagement and improves conversion rates


After the Analysis phase, we create wireframes to give a preview of the user flow. Here, we start with a low-fidelity wireframe that roughly outlines our use-case ideas based on our analysis of what needs to be implemented. At this stage, structural elements and user flow diagrams are planned and ready to be designed.

UX Redesign

Here we redesign the UX based on the plan created in the wireframe. We use tools from Adobe Creative Suite and bring the wireframe to life. It involves choosing the right colours, sizes, typographies, icons, images, buttons and other design elements. The completion of this step brings us to the development phase. Once all the pages are aesthetically designed, they are sent to the development team for front end development.

Front-End Development

What you see when you open a website is the front end of that page. Here we develop the website so that it looks like the UX Design we created in the previous phase. Our coders implement the right programming language to realize the design so that it looks aesthetically pleasing as well as usable when opened across different devices.


This involves testing the website/mobile app for bugs to be corrected and improvements if required. Simple tests can sometimes reveal problems that can be solved at this stage before going live. This ensures optimal website experience and reduces errors which makes the user experience seamless.

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