Branding and Design for Shakti

Branding and Design

The Logo was created keeping the values of Shakti as a brand in mind. The top of the logo has a zen circle known as the enso, which represents or expresses that moment when the mind is free to let the body create.

The bottom half of the logo contains an Escher’s Knot which represents the concept of Inside and Out-this is a direct correlation with Shakti’s other venture, namely InsideOut Voyages which will be covered in another case study.


We designed the website in such a way that the home page has direct channels to the Programs being offered as well as the Reach Us page.

It is an overall simple design and layout with a separate page detailing the different courses offered by Shakti


Let's have a look at some impactful campaigns that we ran for Shakti

The 40 Day Challenge

The premise is simple-Ancient Science has recurringly said that the number 40 is significant-especially for changing habits. 40 Days of adopting a new habit has been shown to form new neural pathways in our brains that have the positive effect of permanently registering as a new change to adopt and normalize in our systems.

15 people registered and it was a massive success. Everything from the goal of the campaign being achieved as well as every one of the customers leaving with a smile on their face.

Here are some details of the Instagram promotion we ran:
1.646 Clicks
2.25,202 People reached
3.43,788 impressions

Another creative that did extremely well was one with the image of a person doing a headstand and a creative caption that looked like this

The results of this campaign were as follows:
1.295 Clicks
2.26,751 people reached
3.34,719 impressions

The Sufi Dance Workshop

Another campaign we ran was a Dance workshop marketed as a self-discovery journey explored via the medium of dance. Lets have a look at the creative and the results

The results were great:
1.412 Clicks
2.16,707 people reached
3.27,360 impressions

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