Brand Identity & User Experience Design for Sattva

Brand Design

With the brand’s ethos kept in mind, we designed the logo in such a way that it depicts nature at its best-when it blossoms. We wanted it to embody green colours and the imagery of plants. The blue background symbolizes a clear sky which in nature is the ideal environment for growth and prosperity. The home banner showcases some products that are available in the store with graphics designed natural-looking leaves to make it seem all the more cohesive with the brand’s principles.


We designed the website keeping in mind that it as eCommerce website with a goal to showcase products and make it easy to purchase them while keeping the brand in mind.

The Home page starts with the Home Banner which has a tag line that resonates Sattva’s ethos.

One scroll down will give you an instant view of the Shop by Categories section

Its a quick way to browse products by a main category and then add them to cart which is a separate icon on the top right of the page

Right next to the Cart icon is the wishlist icon which customers can utilize to add products which they choose to buy in the future.

The Home page ends with Blog entries that can are closely related to organic content.We designed the Shop page to be an intuitive experience for a potential customer where they would be able to easily navigate to their preferred product while simultaneously being suggested products that they might need as well.

The Categories on the left make it a fast navigation process for an interested customer who just wants their preferred product which they already have in mind.

The Blog page showcases all blog entries while keeping the green theme on the page banner.

We concluded the website with a very simple and concise Contact Us page that’d allow customers to reach out to us when they need to.

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