UX for a premier global medical institute


We had the privilege of working with a premiere Health Institute. They are responsible for creating a device that detects SPO2 levels, heart rate, blood pressure levels among other critical parameters from the breath of a patient. The device then sends this data to its website and app. The UX of this website and app is what we at Unifocus helped create for this Institute to ensure great functionality and performance.


We used the InVision app to help us with the process of creating structural elements and giving us a low fidelity wireframe that created a strong foundational design. We created the user flow diagrams and other use cases that the website would contain.

UX Design

We used tools provided in the Adobe Creative Suite to design the UX based on various parameters like colours, sizes, typographies, icons and other design elements. The aesthetics of the page were designed here and finalized before moving on to the development stage.

Front-End Development

The website was created using frameworks like HTML, CSS, Javascript and Bootstrap to execute the development of the website. The Design created in the previous phase was implemented here to create the website as planned. The website was designed to implement tables and graphs that would show reports of a patient’s medical history with the medical institute.

Web Statistics