Conversion rate optimization for maximizing conversions

Conversion Rate Optimization Overview

With a plethora of options available for online advertising and digital marketing in today's times, it is essential for agencies and companies to invest in SEO, SEM, display advertising and social media marketing to ensure that they are up to par with their competitors.

We focus on improving the conversion rates of your website by having a creative and responsive landing page, a simple and understandable flow of information through enhanced user experience, easily accessible call to action messages and improved site load time and integration with performance analysis tools among others. Some strategies implemented by us include analyzing big data, demographic analytics, keyword research, usability and UX analytics and testing.

Behaviour Analytics

Understanding what your users experience when they visit your website is essential in trying to improve the efficiency of a website. Website traffic statistics and analytics tell us how much time a customer is spending on a website and what can be done to increase it. Web analytics data can help a company monitor, analyze and therefore increase their website traffic.

Our team first works on extensive data analysis, data segmentation and target audience analysis. Our expertise in site analytics helps improve your site load time, site speed, time spent on site and reduction in bounce rates. We use performance analytics tools and techniques like A/B testing, heat mapping and more to improve site performance.

Landing Page Optimization

When the Landing Page Experience of a website is compelling, it ensures user engagement which in turn ensures better conversions. The factors on which this depends on are page load time, page speed, ease of use and the responsiveness of the page. With minimal code and the use of optimization tools, we reduce bounce rates and increase conversion rates.

Ensuring a website has great functionality ensures high customer satisfaction in terms of good performance. Analytics and metrics can help us track the customers visiting your website and their behaviour during the visit which helps us optimize website performance.

UX Enhancement

Understanding the experience and movement of visitors on your site is essential in trying to improve the efficiency of a website. Website traffic statistics and analytics tools can provide an insight into the behaviour of site visitors, but fail to explain how users engage with the web page.

The Unifocus team first collects the vast amount of web traffic data that is needed to better understand user behaviour. We use this data as input into tools like google analytics, funnel and form analytics to help us analyze user interaction. With the help of these tools, we can also see where users have clicked on a page, how far they have scrolled down a page and other such data. This enables us to improve site speed, increase time spent on site and reduce bounce rates.

A/B & Multivariate Testing

Web design and development has become a very competitive space in recent years. To stay ahead of the curve, your website will have to constantly analyze visitor behavior and make changes for the better. However, exactly what kind of changes will improve the outcomes is hard to predict. In such cases, A/B testing helps to take the guesswork out of improving websites. A/B testing involves putting up two versions of a website and comparing their results later to see which version performed better.

Through A/B testing, we can establish which versions perform better, which layouts induce more clicks from visitors and what kind of website design is going to be most effective at producing results. Our expert team will ensure that A/B testing is utilized to optimize your website to generate the most leads and provide the best digital experience.

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